Hi, I'm Khenne!

A selfie of Khenne

I've been lamenting the personal website for a while, and complaing that we need to abandon social media in favor of RSS readers. And maybe that's not entirely accurate, but when I found Neocities I felt required to give it a try. A long time ago, I blogged about Kemetic religion intermittently a long time ago, and while I'm not sure it's something I'll keep up with, I decided it was worth giving long form another go.

I'm a member of the Kemetic Orthodox religion, which is practices a historically informed and modernly driven version of the ancient Egyptian religion. I joined the temple in 2011, and now serve as a Shemsu-Ankh, an elder of the faith. As a devotee of the gods, I primarily serve Ptah-Sokar and Wepwawet, along with Sekhmet-Hethert and Bast.